What Is Paleo?

Simply follow this template:

Whether you approach the Paleo diet from an ancestral, evolutionary, or purely biological point of view, it points to several basic principles.

Eat These:

  • Vegetables - lots of them
  • Animal Proteins - meat, seafood, eggs
  • Healthy Fats - clean animal fat, coconut oil, evoo
  • Some Fruits & Nuts - in moderation
  • Dairy - full-fat from grass-fed cows, but only if you tolerate it well

Avoid These:

  • Industrial Seed Oils - canola, soy, peanut, corn oils
  • Grains & Legumes - wheat, corn, soy
  • Added Sweeteners - table sugar, agave nectar, splenda
  • Dairy - if you don't tolerate it well

Sleep. Relax. Play. Manage Stress. Restore.

Once you nail these basics, you can explore which foods are best for you. Experiment with your intake of starchy vegetables and fruits, eat more fat, try fasting, or give up nightshades for a month. Maybe traditionally prepared grains treat you just fine. Always remember that your best diet is unique to you.


To learn more about the why & how of Paleo, check out the Resources Page.