How To: Quality Rating Guidelines

Since you know which foods are part of your optimal diet (and in what quantities), Paleo Trail gives you complete control in defining your Quality Rating Guidelines.

Define your Quality Rating Guidelines now, if you haven't already.

Here’s a sample set of Quality Rating Guidelines for someone following the traditional “strict Paleo” diet. Your exact guidelines may differ – and that’s ok!

Strict Paleo Guidelines

  • Supreme : Give yourself a Green rating if you ate only 100% health-promoting foods. For a traditional “strict Paleo” diet, these would be lean meats, vegetables, some fruit, some nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil.

  • Pretty GoodThis is for those times when you’re eating mostly clean, but your salad dressing had some canola oil or sugar added in. Or maybe you ate more nuts than you know is good for you. It’s not a huge offense to your health, but you can’t say that you ate 100% according to your healthy diet.

  • Not Good : Say you ate a clean meal, but a bowl of peanut oil fried tortilla chips also got consumed in the process. Factor in the amount of non-clean foods eaten. Just because there is “a veg” or “a protein” in your meal does not make it worthy of an Orange rating if it’s battered, deep fried, and dipped in store bought mayo.

  • Cheating : This is for those times when you’re off the wagon, planned or otherwise. Don’t try to argue your way up to an Orange – just be honest with yourself. If any gluten was consumed, a Red rating is most likely appropriate.

I’d also love to see what your guidelines are! If I get a few submissions, they’ll be featured for others to view. Send your Quality Rating Guidelines to

Cheat Foods Tracking


Use these checkboxes any time you cheat. How you use these boxes is going to be based on your own needs and diet. For example, some people may not consider dairy to be a cheat food, while others might only treat certain types of dairy products as cheat foods.

The "Other" box gives you the opportunity to track cheat foods that we don't have listed out. A text box will appear where you can type in anything you like. 


You'll get the most out of cheat food tracking if you have a Paleo Trail Complete membership. You'll be provided with detailed information about your cheats that's designed to help you make better choices. Learn more about that here.