Healthy Paleo Breakfast Ideas Without Eggs

Written by: Kristin Jekielek

After becoming accustomed to the abundant variety of breakfast cereals, bars, and baked goods available for the typical American’s breakfast, some Paleo people find themselves in a breakfast rut after eating eggs and bacon every morning for 6 months. Not that these foods aren’t delicious and filling, but there are only so many different ways to cook an egg.

Or maybe you enjoy eggs, but you’re on the strict Autoimmune Protocol where you can’t eat eggs, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, nuts or seeds. This can make breakfast a challenging endeavor.

Here are 3 simple breakfast ideas that are egg-free and Autoimmune friendly!

All of these can be made in advance for fast and efficient breakfast prep during your busy mornings.

  1. Burger PattiesBurgerAvoBacon
    • Form grass-fed beef into patties.
    • Keep a couple raw patties in the fridge if you have time to cook in the morning.
    • Cook the rest and keep enough in the fridge to last 4 – 7 days. Freeze the rest.
    • Serve With: avocado or guacamole + crispy bacon + raw veggie sticks (cut up in advance and stored in water)


  1. Chicken Drumsticks
    • These can often be bought in economical family packs (bonus!)
    • Lay out on a tray so they aren’t touching. Sprinkle seasoning of choice all over (use different seasonings on same tray to get different flavors all week). Bake at 350 until cooked through, 45 – 60 minutes.
    • Serve With: Leftover roasted veggies, such as broccoli & onion, or roasted root veggies


  1. Make Your Own Sausage Mix
    • Mix ground pork with a seasoning blend. Portion out & shape into patties or links.
    • Refrigerate 2 days worth of portions. Freeze the rest.
    • Cook through, serve, and enjoy!
    • Serve With: Sauteed kale or collards
    • Seasoning Blend Ideas:
      • garlic powder + fennel + sage + salt
      • herbs de provence mix + salt
      • rosemary + lemon zest + garlic + salt

What is your favorite egg-less or Autoimmune breakfast? Share it in the comments!

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Rebecca Whitlock


I love the idea of chicken drumsticks - easy to eat on the go too!




1) Chicken/Apple Hash: I pre-cook chicken breasts on the weekend, then on the morning of, chop 1 chicken breast and 1/2 an apple into 1/4" sized pieces. Cook on the stove in coconut oil and sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg. Quick and tasty.

2) Chicken salad: again with the pre-cooked chicken breast, chop 1 chicken breast, 1 stalk celery, a bunch of red grapes and mix together with slivered almonds and (pre-made on the weekend) paleo mayo. Serve over greens.

3) Sweet potato and sausage hash: I pre-shred my sweet potato in the food processor to use for this and also sweet potato "pancakes." Cook 2 small breakfast sausage in a pan, remove and chop. Cook a handful of sweet potato shreds and 1/4" diced onion into the pan (add extra coconut oil if necessary), once soft add the sausage back in and season. You could use cinnamon and nutmeg or make it spicy with spicy sausage or chorizo and some chili powder. Serve with mixed greens on the side.




Thanks for the ideas! One of my favorite is baby greens topped with canned or smoked salmon, tomatoes, capers, red onion, avocado, lemon juice and olive oil. This is also fairly easy to get in a restaurant if you ask them to leave off the bagel and cream cheese.



My favorite breakfast is liverwurst, raw scallions and sauteed chard!




The Practical Paleo bacon-wrapped chicken thighs are terrific!

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