How to Use Paleo Trail

Written by: Kristin Jekielek

Paleo Trail is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to meet different needs. Below are several scenarios that illustrate different circumstances and how they can be supported by Paleo Trail. I hope you use these stories to determine whether Paleo Trail is right for you.

Fred's Photo Journal

Fred has been Paleo for a couple years, and he’s very familiar with the foods that support his health and those that don’t. He used to be an avid calorie counter, but eating Paleo helped him ditch that habit. He wants to track how cleanly he’s eating over time, but he’s not into entering exact portion sizes of every ingredient into conventional online diet trackers. Fred uses Paleo Trail because he can rate the quality of each meal based on his own diet needs while keeping a photo journal of every meal. Fred also uses the Cheat Foods tracker and the Analytics Suite to view detailed info on which cheat foods he consumes the most. It helps him understand his habits and preferences so he can target areas for diet clean up.



Gloria's Health Issue Food Journal

Gloria was recently diagnosed with a couple health issues – hypothyroidism and depression. She is working with a very knowledgeable health practitioner who has asked her to start tracking her food intake to identify any dietary triggers. The practitioner has outlined a specific diet for Gloria to follow that includes eliminating and later re-introducing certain foods. She also has to track when and how often she eats. Gloria uses Paleo Trail to keep a very detailed food journal that allows her to quickly see how strictly she has been adhering to her new diet. She even gets to change the rating criteria as her specific needs are changing – she isn’t stuck with the standard definitions of what is and is not Paleo. Gloria uses all of the available features to track many aspects of her diet, and she uses the Analytics Suite to give herself and her health practitioner detailed information on her progress.



Janet's Diet Experimentation

Janet has had a lot of success by eating Paleo for the past year. She wants to experiment with her diet over the next year to find out what works best for her. She’s going to try different types of dairy, eliminating nuts, going high-carb, and going low-carb for a few months each. Janet uses Paleo Trail because she has full control over determining the rules of her clean diet as it changes form. She uses the Food Log text box as a place to track her energy and mood, and she uses these criteria to determine which version works best for her.



Nicole's Culinary Adventures

Nicole recently went Paleo, and she’s learning how to cook. She’s trying new recipes all the time, and she focuses on making the best food choices for her health. Nicole uses Paleo Trail because she can store the link to a recipe in the same place she tracks her diet.  She can quickly look through her healthiest meals and pull up those recipes to make again.  Nicole also photographs each meal for a visual record of the results. With Paleo Trail, Nicole gets to see and feel the results of her commitment to clean eating.



Steve's Path to Health

Steve wants to get healthier and decrease his body fat to 19%. He’s eating Paleo and understands that weight loss is more complicated than calories in calories out, and he wants to see what happens if he just sticks to a Paleo weight loss meal plan he got from a Paleo book. Steve uses Paleo Trail to record everything he eats, including the occasional treats and cheats. He also uses the Analytics Suite and discovered that Saturdays are the day he most often cheats. He has used this information to set up an action plan to address the circumstances that are leading him to indulge because reaching his health goals is most important to him.



Lyra's Getting Back On the Wagon

Lyra has been eating Paleo on and off for a few months. She has decided to get serious about her health, and cleaning up her diet is a major part of that. Lyra uses Paleo Trail to better understand her eating habits. She uses the Analytics Suite to get all the data on her clean eating, her cheating habits, and meal timing. Armed with this data, she is finding new motivation to eat cleaner and stick to it.



Gary and Michelle Track Their Child's Diet

Gary and Michelle are two busy Paleo parents who provide homemade meals for their growing kid, Charlie, every single day. They want to keep track of the quality of food Charlie eats and to find a comfortable balance between treats and enforcing a healthy diet. They use Paleo Trail to keep track of food eaten at homemade meals, birthday parties, and days spent at the water park. Paleo Trail lets Gary and Michelle easily see how cleanly their child has been eating lately.  This helps them decide whether Charlie’s cries for ice cream at the game should be met with carrot sticks or a sundae.



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