Trail Buzz

Here's what our fans are saying on the Paleo Trail Facebook page:

Love your work! A calorie free online tracker - brilliant!! xxxx 

          -- The Natural Nutritionist

Just getting started with Paleo. Sounds like a great tool! 

          -- Kendall K

Am so excited about having a tracker that emphasizes healthy eating more than calories consumption -- great way to learn how to do this wonderful diet. 

          -- Gail W

I feel better on a paleo diet but I work full-time and go to grad school full-time, so I struggle with eating paleo regularly. This calendar sounds like it would help me with these challenges!  

          -- Hannah H

The calendar sounds terrific. I'm always so bored with traditional ways of keeping track of what I eat. This one actually looks like something I would use to tailor my diet specifically to me. I also like that this way of eating CAN be tailored for my optimum health. One size never fits all, and I don't listen to those who say it does. Thx.  

          -- Reute B

This sounds great. I always do way better and manage to stay away from sugar when I track my food, even w/ Paleo.  

          -- June K

This is so amazing! Finally something for paleo people to log what they eat! THANK YOU! (I'll definitely be referring this to my friends!)  

          -- Nathalie P

What a great idea!!  

          -- Carleen M

This tool would be perfect for my clients and friends - it would definitely show them how to stay on track  

          -- Nicole B

I like that you can just log in what you ate instead of having to search some ridiculous and incomplete database - that's what takes so long in those other loggers - searching or creating your food  

          -- Malita J

This new site is awesome!  

          -- Mandy B

Great Idea! Sure will help beginners like me.  

          -- Edda S

I'm so very excited to start using this!!!!!  

          -- McKenna S

Love this site!  

          -- Barb O

...thank you for making Paleo Trail!!!! You ROCK!!!!!  

          -- Janette B

I have shared with a Facebook Group doing Whole 30 for the second time in January. This sounds like much more fun than the boring spreadsheet I used when I did Whole30 the first time in October! I'm loving Paleo! :) 

          -- Kristi H