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Being able to say if my meal was the best choice, etc, is genius.  Really.  It's freeing to be the one to say if my meal was the best, not, or somewhere in between.  For so long I've used others' rules when making judgements about my food choices. That's a huge shift. 

-- Barbara M


AbbyR“One of my biggest struggles with sticking to my paleo diet is staying on track and being honset with myself as to how often I would "cheat." With PaleoTrail I was able to keep track and rate everything I ate. Knowing I was being held accountable for everything I ate has been helping me cut back on my "cheese snacks" and has encouraged me to make better snacking decisions. “  

-- Abby R.


I've never been on a diet before, not once, but since I recently turned 30 I decided to give Paleo a try. I'm 17 days into my first month and have already lost over 5 pounds, and generally just feel better. Paleo Trail has been great for tracking my progress, keeping me focused and a good way to review my results.

Steve Brandsdorfer, Paleo Trail Head Designer