How Paleo Trail Works

Track Your Paleo Diet In Less Than 5 Minutes A Day…Without Ever Counting A Calorie

Are you diet tracking as part of a treatment program for health issues? Do you experiment with your diet to find what works best for you? Just want to see how clean you’ve really been eating lately? Paleo Trail is here to help.

People track their diets for many reasons. Many of these reasons have nothing to do with calorie counting, yet virtually all online diet trackers focus on calories and measuring out exact portion sizes. Paleo Trail is different.

Paleo Trail is designed to support those who are eating Paleo and looking for a healthy way to track their diet without ever looking at a calorie.


Then How Does Paleo Trail Work?

QualityRatingSquare_GreyThe Quality Rating System quickly tracks how close you’re sticking to your optimal diet. Plus you can quickly review your eating habits over time. Best of all – it’s completely customizable to your personal Paleo diet. Whether you eat dairy, shun nightshades, or have food allergies, the Quality Rating System fits perfectly because you set your own guidelines.




These Are The Supported Tracking Features

Paleo Trail tracking is very flexible. You can track as many – or as few – pieces of information about each meal as you’d like. What am I talking about? Let me show you.

These are required every time you add a meal



These are optional every time you add a meal



These Are The Different Ways To View Your Tracked Meals

Paleo Trail Calendar

At-a-glance view of how clean you’ve been eating over the past month


Photo Journal

A visual journal of your diet


Food Log

Quickly review all the notes you took



Making A Sustained Lifestyle Change Requires Support – Here’s How Paleo Trail Helps


Introduce yourself, ask questions, offer advice, and become a part of the community.

Social Sharing

You can choose to share your uploaded photos in the Community Photo Gallery any time you want to ask for advice on how to rate a meal, have a great recipe to share (leave the recipe in the Food Log section), or just want to provide meal inspiration to others.

Commenting on Photos

Find an interesting meal while browsing the Community Photo Gallery? Connect with other users by commenting on their photo to provide support or ask for a recipe.


Get More With Paleo Trail Complete

Paleo Trail Complete shows you how you’re really eating. Get concrete insights into your eating habits to keep you aware and honest.

Paleo Trail Complete Keeps You Accountable




Who Should Use Paleo Trail?

Paleo Trail isn’t for everyone. I understand that many of you want to track calories or macronutrients. If that’s you, then there are dozens of websites that you can use.

Below is a story that illustrates what Paleo Trail can help you do.

Fred’s Photo Journal

Fred has been Paleo for a couple years, and he’s very familiar with the foods that support his health and those that don’t. He used to be an avid calorie counter, but eating Paleo helped him ditch that habit. He wants to track how cleanly he’s eating over time, but he’s not into entering exact portion sizes of every ingredient into conventional online diet trackers. Fred uses Paleo Trail because he can rate the quality of each meal based on his own diet needs while keeping a photo journal of every meal. Fred also uses the Cheat Foods tracker and Paleo Trail Complete to view detailed info on which cheat foods he consumes the most. It helps him understand his habits and preferences so he can target areas for diet clean up.



Pales Trail Gives You Options




How The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Works



Paleo Trail Mobile Lets You Track On The Go

Can I use Paleo Trail on my phone?

Yes! Simply visit from your smartphone or tablet to instantly upload meals and photos.

Isn’t this going to take up a lot of my time?

Tracking your Paleo Diet can take as little as 5 minutes a day. Using the Analytics Upgrade doesn’t take up any more of your time than using the Free Membership. All insights are fully automated. All you do is learn from them.

I don’t track calories or macronutrients. How would this work for me?

Neither does Paleo Trail! Paleo Trail lets you focus on what matters. At the core of the site lies the Quality Rating System, which you use every time you track a meal.

But I already know how clean I eat.

That’s fantastic! Paleo Trail is great for people who can’t remember every meal, snack, or dessert they’ve eaten in the past month, but would like to better understand their habits.



Get Started Today And Discover How Tracking The Quality Of Your Food Choices Will Help You Improve Your Eating Habits


The act of measuring in and of itself makes you more aware of your decisions.

- Tim Ferriss