My Top 3 Tips for Killing a Sugar Craving

You’ve been eating Paleo for a couple weeks and you feel great and you plan on eating this way forever and there’s absolutely no reason to cheat EVAR and……then you’re blindsided by an intense sugar craving so strong it could knock over a wooly mammoth.

What do you do?

French Onion Egg Drop Soup

I was looking for creative, new ways to enjoy my homemade beef bone broth one afternoon when I was inspired to fuse East & West in this simple soup recipe.

I had started with a basic French Onion recipe but knew I wanted to add some protein to it. That’s when I recalled an egg drop soup recipe I had seen somewhere.

All I had to do was...

Healthy Paleo Breakfast Ideas Without Eggs

After becoming accustomed to the abundant variety of breakfast cereals, bars, and baked goods available for the typical American’s breakfast, some Paleo people find themselves in a breakfast rut after eating eggs and bacon every morning for 6 months.

To Count Calories Or Not To Count Calories?

Paleo Trail was created to support people who want to track the quality of their diet instead of focusing on calories and numbers. Many of you fall into this category, and want to spend as little time as possible tracking your diet each day.

However, some people do want to see the calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient breakdown of their diet.

Endometriosis and Eating Paleo

I had a request recently to blog about the effect of Paleo eating on endometriosis. First off, what is endometriosis? According to PubMed:

Smart Snack Idea

Fresh, organic berries

My Morning Routine For Gut Health

Probiotics + Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Emergency Meal

Protein + Veg + Healthy Fat

Wild Caught Seafood a great source of iodine

What's Your Favorite Fresh Vegetable?

I love cucumbers!

Outdoors Where Animals Should Be Raised


It's A New Day

Make It Your Best

Birds Of A Feather

...flock together. The rest....

One Bad Day Is

One (or two, or...bad days is...

Be Amazing Today

Be Amazing Today

Bacon Love

Bacon Love

Step Away From The Scale

Just don't do it

Flavor Enhancers

Flavor Enhancers are:

Natural Flavors

Natural Flavors are:

Marinated Fajita Steak Recipe

This recipe creates a very flavorful, tender steak that’s perfect for slicing up and topping a salad. This steak can be prepared in large quantities ahead of time and pre-packaged into single servings for ready-to-eat proteins during a busy week. In fact, you could use a variety of proteins with this marinade. Prep 2 or 3 meats at once (in separate containers) if you’re prone to food fatigue from eating the same thing multiple times in a week.

Organic Berries

...are best to eat

Build Your Best Habits

Build Your Best Habits

It's Bizarre

"It's bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children's health than the pediatrician."   -- Meryl Streep

Tension & Relaxation

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.

Do These Things

Do the things that make you happier, smarter and healthier.