Recovering Health

How to Heal Yourself with Games

SuperBetter is a unique concept, and I’m really excited it exists. It turns recovering from health issues into a game.

That’s, right: a game. And it’s actually fun and encouraging to play.

In fact, I wish I had it to use when I was going through the worst of my own health issues. I really think it would have helped!

Why Elena Is Blessed To Have Celiac's Disease

A friend recently had a negative experience with her family, related to her health issues. She posted about it on Facebook. I’m afraid her experience is all too common, and for that I think it’s worth reading.

But what really grabbed my attention and made me want to share her story with other people is her attitude about the outcome. If more people in this world had Elena’s perspective, it would be a very different place, indeed. Thank you Elena for letting me publish your story!

How to Turn Disappointment into Opportunity

As I write this, I’m missing out on a camping trip with some of my best friends.

Today my health just isn’t where it needs to be in order to go walking in the woods and camping.

For two years now I’ve decided to put my immediate health needs above my desire to have fun. At times it’s extremely difficult to stick to, but when I don’t, the health consequences are compounded.

Let Go of Your Identity

As I began to put my health and my needs first, I began feeling a sense of loss.

I had to give up my late nights out with friends, my CrossFit workouts, my “I can handle anything, and the more stressful the better” attitude, my personal goals, my lifestyle, and eventually even my job.

I even had to let go of my pride. I used to define myself as an independent person who needed no one, but my plummeting health and dire situation required me to rely on the freely given support of those who care about me.

Even as I type this...

What I Learned From Recovering My Health

I’ve talked about my health issues openly (in a lot of places). I now want to share my recovery story in more detail. I want to share it with those who have been or who currently are lost in a maze of mysterious symptoms, ineffective treatments, and guesswork.

I’ve talked with quite a few people who have gone through major health challenges and recoveries (mostly women, interestingly enough). I’ve noticed a few trends.

These are all simply my observations, so don’t take any of this as medical advice.

I want to make this a sporadic series. What I hope you get out of these posts is a sense of hope and a few ideas of new avenues to explore in your own healing journey.