Why Elena Is Blessed To Have Celiac's Disease

Written by: Kristin Jekielek

I’ve talked about my health issues openly (in a lot of places). I want to share my recovery story in more detail. I want to share it with those who have been or who currently are lost in a maze of mysterious symptoms, ineffective treatments, and guesswork.

I’ve talked with quite a few people who have gone through major health challenges and recoveries (mostly women, interestingly enough). I’ve noticed a few trends.

These are all simply my observations, so don’t take any of this as medical advice.

I want to make this a sporadic series. What I hope you get out of these posts is a sense of hope and a few ideas of new avenues to explore in your own healing journey.


A friend recently had a negative experience with her family, related to her health issues. She posted about it on Facebook. I’m afraid her experience is all too common, and for that I think it’s worth reading.

But what really grabbed my attention and made me want to share her story with other people is her attitude about the outcome. If more people in this world had Elena’s perspective, it would be a very different place, indeed. Thank you Elena for letting me publish your story!

Warning: there is some adult language in this quote.

Note: This is not an exact quote. I lengthened some abbreviated words and added a bit of formatting to what was originally a Facebook post, but the story is Elena’s.


Ok, so who wants to hear a bitch rant right now? I have to vent! I visited some family members tonight who recently found out I also have Celiac in addition to my Hashimoto's.

Well ya'll woulda thought that it was my funeral!

They were all so sad for me. Oh my god you can't eat bread (uh, I never liked bread), omg you can't eat this or eat that. One relative told me this is all bulls*** and it's a gimmick for people to make money. They tried to force me to eat something with gluten.

Here's my take on Celiac: I AM BLESSED TO HAVE IT!!

You heard me: I am lucky!

Because of Celiac I quit putting poison in my body

Because of Celiac I started exercising

Because of Celiac I started to respect my body and take care of it like never before

Before celiac I was addicted to sugar, I was moody and depressed, I was always getting my thyroid meds increased.

Because of celiac I lost 5 pounds and feel happier, thyroid levels improved, I may still be symptomatic but Celiac has put me on the road to good health. I don't care for processed carbs anymore, I crave fruit and veggies.

So can someone please tell me why people are pitying me? I pity them! Thank you for hearing me out! I feel better now.

   --    Elena Kaloudis


Elena took a frustrating experience (Celiac’s and Hashimoto’s) and turned it into opportunity (improved health, feeling better, losing extra weight, treating her body well).

Like I talked about last week, that’s the key to health and happiness!

I hope Elena’s story has inspired you to take a new look at your own situation. What new opportunities have become available to you? Even if it’s just the opportunity to read more books - those are valuable experiences!

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