My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Handy Dandy Food Savers

Written by: Kristin Jekielek

This week I’ll cover the little gadgets that help stretch your food dollars further. These make it easy to get every last bit out of your produce and bottled items.

  • Mini Spatulas
  • Produce Keeper
  • Bag Clips
  • Citrus Reamer


Mini Spatulas

Aside from being super cute, these mini spatulas rock my Paleo kitchen on a regular basis.

Any time I’m at the end of my good, whole seed mustard they help me rescue that last bit at the bottom of the jar.

When I want every last drop of fatty coconut milk goodness from the can, they’re there to help.

I’ll even publicly admit to using them to squeegee every last bit of roasted chicken drippings from my plate…and into my mouth.

These little tools have found a way into my kitchen and into my heart.



Produce Keeper

When I first received this as a present, I was skeptical. I didn’t believe it would actually make a difference from using the vegetable bin in my fridge.

I was absolutely wrong.

This little device not only keeps my lettuce fresh for a full 7 days, but it even keeps it crisp. As in, you can barely tell the difference between fresh lettuce and 7 day old lettuce.


I find this extremely convenient since I only make it to the farmer’s market once a week. It keeps me from having to make mid-week trips to the grocery store while staying stocked with local, organic lettuce.

I even purchased a second one to store herbs and other fresh vegetables.

Just make sure you put a little water in the bottom section when storing lettuce & herbs (there’s even a handy dandy reference chart printed right on the container that tells you how to store different types of produce).



Bag Clips

You’re probably familiar with these, so I’ll skip a long-winded explanation.

I use mine on opened bags of frozen, organic veggies and berries. They’re also great for the big bags of loose tea I buy in bulk.



Citrus Reamer

I drink a fresh glass of lemon water every morning before breakfast. It kick-starts my digestive juices (which is great because I have low stomach acid levels).

To get every last drop of juice out of each lemon, I love my citrus reamer.

Many people I know prefer using citrus reamers that come attached to a little cup that collects the juice and strains out the seeds. It’s up to personal preference.

This style of citrus reamer will work on lemons, limes, oranges, and even grapefruit.



So these are my favorite little food saving tools. Tell me in the comments what else you use!

Next week I’ll post about the Odds n’ Ends in my kitchen.


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