My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Storage Containers

Written by: Kristin Jekielek

This week I’ll cover the Storage Containers I use. I use the often because I like to have leftovers for fast meals on the go. Instead of using plastic Tupperware, I use:

  • Pyrex / Glass containers
  • Reused Glass Jars

I don’t store my food in plastic containers. Plastic has been shown to leach chemicals into the food touching it. Acidic foods like tomato sauce accelerate this process, too.

That’s why I only use Pyrex or glass containers when storing food in the fridge or packing food for on the go.

I will use Saran wrap to cover a bowl or jar without a lid, but only if the plastic doesn’t touch the food.


Pyrex & Glass Containers

Even though Pyrex no longer uses the original formula that made their glassware resist shattering so well, I’ve found that common sense use prevents any mishaps.

Let frozen Pyrex meals thaw before putting them in the oven, and don’t set a hot Pyrex dish on a wet surface.  They will break if dropped onto a hard surface, so watch out for butterfingers (I have to be really careful of this because I can be a klutz).

I like to get sets of Pyrex that include different sizes so I always have a container that’s the right size.

  • Big containers are great for storing bone broth, soup, or even large roasts.
  • Small containers are great for salad dressing, snacks, and that leftover bacon grease.
  • Medium containers are the perfect size for lunch and salads.

If you don’t want to shell out for Pyrex, other glass containers work just as well but may be more prone to chipping and breaking.


iNeedOneOfThese iNeedOneOfThese


Reused Glass Jars

I frequently reuse glass jars of all sizes for food storage. I’ve even bought certain products over their competitors because I liked the jar better!

Everything from quart sized sauerkraut jars to the 4oz jars that once held minced garlic are in my cupboard, just waiting for salad dressing, roasted veg, and salads that I can grab on my way out the door.

Mason jars are also perfect for this if you want to stock up and have a bunch on hand. There are many different sizes for all of your food storage needs.

Quart sized jars are great for storing homemade broth, making raw sauerkraut, and storing salads to take to work.

I personally like the pint size jars because they do double duty as storage and drinking glasses.

The 4oz jars are great for storing spices bought in bulk, leftover dressings and drippings, and even homemade beauty products like this foot balm recipe I love.


iNeedOneOfThese iNeedOneOfThese




So these are the Storage Containers that I find most useful. Think I missed something? Tell me in the comments what else you use often!

Next week I’ll post about my favorite Fermentation Containers.


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