My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Fermentation

Written by: Kristin Jekielek

This week I’ll cover the Fermentation tools I use.

  • Gallon glass jars
  • Quart glass jars
  • Flip top glass bottles
  • Ladle
  • Funnel

Never ferment in plastic  – always use non-reactive glass or ceramic containers.


1 Gallon Glass Jars

I use these for fermenting kombucha, but they would also be great for large batches of raw sauerkraut.

These are hard to come by as reused food containers. I’ve had to buy them online.

(Ignore the crackers in the picture! I promise this jar is good for holding other things.)



1 Quart Glass Jars

I generally reuse glass food containers for this size of jar, but Mason jars would work just as well (and you can buy them in bulk).

I use these jars for raw sauerkraut and beet kvass. These would also be an ideal size for milk or water kefir, soaking nuts, and even storing large batches of home rendered lard or tallow. They’re the most versatile jars in my kitchen.



Flip Top Bottles

These are perfect for second-fermenting your kombucha in the fridge. Just add ginger, fresh fruit, or fresh fruit juice to the bottle for flavored versions. It's more convient to pour and drink from 16 - 20oz bottles when your ferments are ready.




Once your kombucha, beet kvass, or kefir are done fermenting, you’ll want to transfer the liquids to smaller containers (like the flip top bottle above). That’s where the ladle comes in handy.



Anytime you’re pouring liquid into a smaller container, you’ll also have smaller mouth sizes to contend with. A good funnel solves this problems, especially when used with the ladle. Spill less to get the most out of your precious elixirs!

Buying a funnel with a strainer built in will make your life easier. It prevents rogue chunks of scoby from getting into your second ferment without having to balanced a separate strainer and a funnel on top of your bottles.



So these are the Fermentation tools that I find most useful. Think I missed something? Tell me in the comments what else you use often!

Next week I’ll post about my favorite Slow Cookers.


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Large glass beverage dispensers (picture iced tea or punch containers that you'd see at a picnic) work really well. I use a 1.32 gallon container with a spigot and that alleviates the need for a funnel and ladle. It as $9 at Ross but I've seen comparable containers at various stores at a similar price.

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