My Paleo Kitchen Tools Series

Written by: Kristin Jekielek


I’ve recently gotten a few questions about how to stock a kitchen with Paleo cooking tools, so I’m creating a series of blog posts to address the topic.

I'll teach you what to buy, what to avoid, and where to find it at a good price.

I’ll categorize items by “Stovetop Cooking”, “Baking”, “Fermentation”, and so on.

I’ll update this post with links as I publish each article over the next several weeks. Bookmark this page and check back every week for new posts.

In the meantime, leave your burning kitchen tool questions in the comments below, and I’ll address them in future posts. So tell me: What questions come up when buying tools and appliances for your Paleo kitchen?


Post Links

My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Everyday Items

My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Stovetop Cooking

My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Baking

My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Storage Containers

My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Fermentation

My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Slow Cookers

My Paleo Kitchen Tools: Big Ticket Items


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Hi Krisitn, I'm so glad you're doing this post. I'm in the process of beginning my wedding registry and am planning on getting all "paleo approved" cookware. In terms of dishes and cook ware do you use cast iron? Do you tend to stick with wood for other things such as cutting boards and utensils? Can't wait for the future posts! Thanks =)



I find myself using the box grater more and more each day...



Hey Cara - Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I'm discussing cast iron and wood in my next post. How psychic of you. But the answer to both questions is yes!

Hi Paleo Prince - I know what you mean. That's why I'm really glad I invested in a food processor. More on that in future posts!

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